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PaaKojo Adjei-Larbi

I am very passionate about what the future holds for Africa in the age of Web 3.0, Blockchain Technologies and Cryptocurrencies. And it is my ambition to reach 100,000,000 million Africans with the Gospel of the Blockchain and how it will change their lives. Through the Dojo community I will reach trainers who will help educate, train, guide and mentor you into these new opportunities.

Black Satoshi's Dojo

Black Satoshi's Dojo is a community of learners building on relevant knowledge to develop themselves and their skills to position themselves for the best opportunities in this new Blockchain Age.

Money Maker Master Class

Binance provides an eco-system of crypto tools and resources designed to get you ahead and make you profitable. Join my master class which will walk you through tools, resources and strategies to grow a your investment. This is a 3 day master class on strategy and areas to focus on within the Binance EcoSystem to turn a profit

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